Machine park



Machinery Störk Umwelttechnik tarpaulins

Thanks to the use of tarpaulins it is possible to reach and fill filtering plants, which are not easy to achieve. These tarpaulins have a filling capacity of 3-4 m³.


El. shovel

Machinery auxiliary equipment Störk Umwelttechnik electric shovel

Thanks to an electric shovel it is possible to handle biomass in difficult-to reach biofilters. Volume varies depending on the electric shovel we use.


Scaffold framework

Machinery auxiliary equipment Störk Umwelttechnik scaffold framework

This special device is used to fill container-filters or concrete filters which have openings at heights of 4,8,12 meters. This is also drivable with our wheel loaders.

Filter material is positioned on the ramp using tarpaulins or by cranes and then carried into the biofilter by means of our wheel loaders.