Belflor® Biofilter materials

Our belflor® Biofilter-Material represents the vital environment for the bacteria responsible of waste air depuration. Only by using best biofilter materials it is possible to reach a high biological depuration degree. Our materials are able to satisfy the following requirements:

Biofilter-Material is the nourishment source of bacteria so that it has to be fertilised, at production, according to the several bacteria needs. It is only with high quality raw materials that we produce our biofilter materials, in order to guarantee them a long lifetime. Thanks to an optimum structure of biofilter materials we can reach a reduction of material pressure loss as well as of exercise costs.

Just take advantage of our long experience while choosing the right biofilter material compositions.

You can rely on our belflor® biofilter material: beside receiving the best controlled quality You will also get our deliveries in due time as well as a rapid and professional positioning.

belflor® biofilter materials are natural smart materials. Upon request You can also receive biofilter material mixings according to your individual needs. In case of material substitution we can offer the disposal of the old biofilter material.

BIM Hardheim
Kokosmix Mainz Cargil
RIM-220 I-Bassano
Wurzelholz Leonberg
biofiltermaterial kokosfilter
biofiltermaterial wurzelholz lkw
biofiltermaterial wurzelholz radlader

We use the following materials:

Belflor® Wood Root


WHF 20 – 80 mm
WHF 40 – 80 mm
WHG 80 – x mm

Further sizes can be delivered upon request.

Lifetime up to 5 years.


belflor® wood chips HAC 360 and HAC 380


Mixing constituted by wood chips of pine, lark, douglas-fir

HAC 360: granulometry 40 – 100 mm
HAC 370: granulometry 60 - 100 mm

Lifetime up to 4 – 5 years.


Belflor® BIM 100 Biomix


Mixing of heather and peat fibre

Standard mixing ratio: 50:50 and 70:30 as well as according to customer's wishes

Lifetime up to 4 years.


Belflor® KOKM Kokosmix


Mixing of coconut fibre and peat fibre

Standard mixing ratio: 50:50 and 70:30 as well as according to customer's wishes

Lifetime up to 6 years.


Active mixing belflor® RIM 220 and RIM 280


RIM 220: mixing of spruce-chips Bark mulch
RIM 280: mixing of wood chips and bark-mulch of pine, lark, douglas-fir

Standard mixing ratio 50:50 and / or according to customer's wishes.

RIM 220: granulometry 20 – 40 mm

Lifetime up to 4 years.

RIM 280: granulometry 20 – 80 mm

Lifetime up to 5 years.


belflor® Active mixing RIM 240


Mixing constituted by pine bark with wood parts

Granulometry 40 – 60 mm

Lifetime up to 5 years