Maintenance and Service

Plant controlling / Service contracts

We offer full or partial maintenance contracts for your air-treatment plants. Our skilled personnel will carry out an inspection of your plant, measuring, at the same time, the most important procedure parameters.

Our maintenance services include inspection and repairs of scrubbers, evaluation of the state of biofilters as well as fans and much more.

In this way we can improve the functioning of partial aged plants taking them to their best performances.

Besides the delivery of spare parts, our services include also the installation and commissioning of all substituted parts and components.

Illustration of a typical control measurement of a Belfor biofilter


Remote Plant Controlling

Upon request we can carry out a remote-control of your plant, thus allowing us to timely recognize eventual problems and promptly fix them.

Our technicians will control your plant at regular intervals regarding settings and adjustments and also analyzing the fault-records.

Our remote-control takes place by means of a safe connection thus guaranteeing unauthorized access.