Measurements and Analysis

We offer a wide range of measurements. Besides measurements of existing plants, we also offer measurements of raw air for a complete evaluation of the waste air of Your plant, We are able to do this on site thanks to the use of our own test-vehicles.

Measurements are enriched by the issue of a complete report containing all technical details and the measured parameters. Furthermore we offer some proposals and indications in order to optimize the plant functioning.

Air quality meter Belflor Biofilter

Our measuring spectrum in details:

Sector air:

  • FID Flam ionization detector measurements determined as total carbon
  • Air volume measurements
  • Pressure measurements
  • Humidity measurements
  • Formaldehyde measurements
  • Measurements of H2S, NH3, Mercaptans, DMS (Dimethylsulfid) and determination of further single substances
  • Olfactometry via gas bags

Sector water:

  • CSB
  • NH4
  • NO3
  • Pges
  • pH-value
  • Conductivity

Sector biofiltermaterial

  • Sieving curves
  • Pges
  • Nges
  • pH-value
  • Conductivity
  • N/P-ratio
  • Ignition loss
  • Dry substance
  • Microbial count selective/complete