Test plants and plants for rental

Do you need a waste-treatment plant just for a short period?

With us you have the chance to rent a plant for the time you need, thanks to our wide range of test-plants we can offer for this purpose.

Among others we can offer biofilters, scrubbers (chemical and physical), bioreactors and adsorbers by means of activated carbons.

With our test-plants it is possible to check the technical solutions in order to correctly design the right and bigger definitive plant. We are at your side during the whole testing-time carrying out measurements, maintenance works and keeping you always informed with reports of the measured parameters.

We can also follow you during the many steps of your planning process and are at disposal with our long experience matured in many years dealing with waste-air depuration plants.

Test Plants

We offer test plants and plants for rental in the following sectors:

  • Adsorbers
  • (chemical) scrubbers
  • Bio-filters
  • Bio-reactors
  • Bio-scrubbers
Test plant 20 feet

Test plant 20 feet

A small and mobile test-plant endowed with biofilter, scrubber, fan and electric cabinet. A low-cost solution with a rapid installation. This plant is immediately ready to use.

Test plant 40 feet

Test plant 40 feet

This test-plant is a complete waste-air-treatment container endowed with fan, scrubber, biofilter, electric cabinet with remote data transmission as well as a small water-treatment plant to treat waste-water. This test plant is delivered completely mounted as container and it is ready for operation just within one day.