Depuration of VOCs

Our belflor® biofilter technique is a widely consolidated procedure to degrade VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from waste air.

Organic solvents and nitrogen oxides are the main cause of summer smog. Even if in the last few years progress has been made to degrade emissions coming out of solvents, there has been no progress to degrade substances coming from the area „Solvents and further recycling products ".

Out of cost and quality reasons solvents are still largely used in most production processes, while, on the other side, degrading processes at reasonable prices cannot be found.

Thanks to our belflor® biofilter technique you can at last count on a reliable and quite cheap process to degrade solvent emissions.

Let's compare our belflor® biofilter technique with the thermic processes:

  • Thermic plants need pre-heat and cooling-down times before and after production processes as well as in case of maintenance and/or failures.
    Our technique is immediately available.
  • Thermic plants have high pressure losses up to 3.000 Pascal as a consequence of sedimentations (like siliceous compounds, dust,..) on their internal walls causing elevated electricity costs for fan functioning.
    Our technique has a pressure loss of only about 400 Pascal.
  • Thermic plants need several and long lasting maintenance services which have to be carries out by external companies.
    Our technique is always available.
  • Thermic plants release CO2 and NOx (climate-protection, CO2-tax).
    Our technique does not release any dangerous substance.
  • Thermic plants are not easy to be managed.
    Our technique is very easy to be managed.
  • Thermic plants may often spoil and present very complicated and expensive measuring and regulation techniques.
    Our technique presents an inferior failure-frequency thanks to less complicated and expensive measuring regulation techniques.