Construction of plastic containers

We design and build plastic containers according to customers' wishes. Everything is possible.

Our plastic containers are water resistant. They resist to gases, basic substances and even to highly concentrated acids.

Our welding equipment yearly undergoes the necessary controls according to the valid legislation.

Characteristics and advantages of PE- and PP-containers


  • Use with temperature from -40° C up to + 80° C.
  • Physiologically impeccable. Neutral in odour and taste.
  • Resistant to weather and light conditions in its black coloration.
  • Optimum chemical resistance against water solutions of salts, acids and alkalis.
  • Optimum electrical insulating properties.
  • Minimum specific weight.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Practically no water absorption, no swellings.
  • High abrasion resistance in case of very aggressive liquids and parts of abrasive solids.
  • Easy to weld.

Further advantages of PP

  • PP presents a higher rigidity, hardness and resistance compared to PE.
  • PP has a glass transition temperature from 0°C up to -10°C, therefore it gets brittle with cold conditions. The upper exercise temperature is 100 - 110°C.
  • PP is resistant against alcohols, organic solvents and fats, but it is not resistant against petrol, benzene and hydrocarbons.
  • PP is the most resistant among the polyolefin polymers and keeps its own characteristics even with temperatures beyond 100 °C. It is absolutely resistant to friction and heat and is endowed with exceptional dielectric characteristics. It is an optimum insulating material and is also resistant to permanent bending strength. It is weather resistant as well as resistant to stress-related cracks. Only very high oxidising chemical products can cause cracks on it.

Some items out of our delivery programme

Containers for chemical products, scrubbers, plastic containers, activated carbon filters, manhole covers, small fat separators, de-aerators, water tanks, rectangular containers, round containers, reaction containers for environmental plants, storage tanks, troughs, storage and transportation containers, containers with conical roofs, containers with flat roofs (walkable), containers out of winding pipes, waste-air depuration plants, waste-water plants and waste-water processing plants.

  • PE-linings, covers and concrete-linings. We also deliver plastic exhaust-air ducts and pipelines. Furthermore we offer our long experience in the production and installation of plastic pipelines.
  • We are specialised in the production of components and even of complete plastic plants as well as of plastic components with steel frames.

Upon request we can also build single pieces, prototypes or small series with several supports and connections.

Additional services

Upon request we can install your plants by means of our very modern vehicles with crane, we can carry out the connections and the set-up. Installations can be executed by our skilled personnel with longstanding experience.